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Experience Peace of Mind

Choosing an oxygen concentrator is a significant investment in your health. That's why Kingon Philippines goes beyond simply providing top-quality devices. We offer unparalleled after-sales support to ensure your complete satisfaction and ongoing respiratory care.

When you purchase a Kingon Oxygen Concentrator, you receive an exceptional 3-year warranty – a testament to our product's reliability and our commitment to your well-being. Our dedicated service team and readily available spare parts provide reassurance that any potential issues will be resolved swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing the benefits of your oxygen therapy.

If you ever have questions, require maintenance, or need assistance, our dedicated service hotline is ready to help. Reach us at +632-82423636 and experience the difference in customer care. With Kingon, it's not just about the oxygen concentrator, it's about the peace of mind that comes with it.

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