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Model P2-E Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Size 221 x 85 x 160mm

Weight 1.98kg (4.37lbs)

Warm up Time 2 minutes

Oxygen Flow 1 - 5 flow level (Pulse Mode)

Oxygen Concentration 90% - 3% / +6%

AC Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, 50-60hz - 100w

DC Power Supply 12v Car Charger Plug

Noise Decibel <60dB

Display Screen 2.8 inch

Battery 6800mAh



Pulse setting 1 = 3h 40mins

Pulse setting 2 = 3h 20mins

Pulse setting 3 = 2h 54mins

Pulse setting 4 = 2h 14mins

Pulse setting 5 = 1h 50mins


* Based on 20 BPM. Actual duration results may vary.


Battery duration times are based on new, fully charged batteries.


3 Year Warranty for Parts and Labor

1 Year Warranty  for Molecular Sieve


The Kingon P2E Portable Oxygen Concentrator is lightweight, has sleek design, and battery life for up to *4 hours without having to recharge.  It also has a high O2 concentration of 90% – 3%/+6 on all settings means you’re getting the most out of your oxygen therapy.  P2-E does not have US-FDA registration and FAA approval for Air Travel.


Package comes with 1 Nasal Canulla, 5 Extra Filters, 1 Lithium Ion Battery, DC Car Adaptor, AC Power Adapotor,  Carry Bag, Manual


*at level 1 flow

Kingon P2-E Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Please message us for delivery lead time
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