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Product Specifications:

Kingon P2

Advance Pulse Mode System

Made in USA Compressor

Size 221 x 85 x 160mm

Weight 1.98kg (4.37lbs)

Warm up Time 2 minutes

Oxygen Flow 1 - 5 flow level

Oxygen Concentration 90% - 3% / +6%

AC Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, 50-60hz - 100watts

DC Power Supply 12v Car Charger Plug

Noise Decibel <60dB

Display Screen 2.8 inch

Battery 6800mAh

3 Year Warranty for Machine

1 Year Warranty for Battery, Molecular Sieve


*BATTERY DURATION for a Single Battery

Pulse flow setting 1 = 3h 40mins

Pulse flow setting 2 = 3h 20mins

Pulse flow setting 3 = 2h 54mins

Pulse flow setting 4 = 2h 14mins

Pulse flow setting 5 = 1h 50mins


Battery duration times are based on new, fully charged batteries, and is based on a normal average of 20 BPM Breath per Minute.  Actual duration results may vary.


Registration and Certificatons:

US FDA Registered


FAA Approved for Air Travel

CE Certified


The Kingon P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the ideal device for people who need oxygen therapy but are on the go. Its lightweight and sleek design makes it easy to carry around, and its long battery life means you can use it for up to **4 hours without having to recharge. Additionally, the high O2 concentration of 90% – 3%/+6 on all settings means you’re getting the most out of your oxygen therapy.


Package comes with 1 Nasal Canulla, 5 Extra Filters, 1 Lithium Ion Battery, DC Car Adaptor, AC Power Adapotor,  Carry Bag, Manual.


**at Flow level 1

Kingon P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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