Model K-TB
Size 158 x 102  x 171mm
Weight 1.50kg (3.3lbs)
Warm up Time 2 minutes
Oxygen Flow 1 - 3 flow level (Pulse Mode)
Oxygen Concentration 87% - 96%
AC Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, 50-60hz
Rechargeable Battery 14.4vdc  (6.0Ah Rated Capacity)
Noise Decibel <60dB
Display Screen 2.8 inch
Battery 3400mAh




Battery Duration:

Setting 1 (200ml/min) = 3 hours

Setting 2 (400ml/min) = 2.25 hours

Setting 3 (600ml/min) = 1.60 hours*


Battery duration times are based on new, fully charged batteries. Duration times will degrade with battery age, environmental operating conditions, use over time, and operational condition of the concentrator.

Kingon KTB / KN6